Ankhou Graphic Design

Web development, graphic design, and photography by Ian Houghton, based in Revelstoke, BC.

logo design

I worked with Elifer Santos to develop a logo and identity in preparation for launching his online portfolio and raising the profile of his freelance business. Images of the finals are shown below, and the design process can be viewed on my blog.

I also built Elifer a website – you can see the project in my portfolio.

tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator


Elifer Santos final logo

The final logo

Elifer Santos final logo with name

The logo attached to Eli’s name

Elifer Santos final logo with name on dark background

The logo on a dark background

The tail of the S runs into the middle curve on the logo when it is placed on dark backgrounds, so I also supplied Eli with a slightly adjusted version for this purpose to maintain the integrity of the mark.

Business Card

Elifer Santos business card

A business card to complete the package

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