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Melbourne trip & the Yarra Valley photos

2 Comments | posted 18/04/10

Bit of a temporary diversion from the SE Asia photos for the moment. There’ll be more later. I took a week-long trip to Melbourne two weeks ago to visit my girlfriend, V, over the mid-semester break. I had a really good time catching up with some friends while I was over there, and found out […]

earthquake in adelaide

7 Comments | posted 17/04/10

At approximately 23:40 on the 16th of April, Adelaide experienced a small earth tremor. It was my first! Fortunately there are no collapsed buildings that I know of, but unfortunately I can’t show any media to prove it happened. Twitter is abuzz though – within 3 minutes of the tremor, there were more than 300 […]

SE Asia: Pai

0 Comments | posted 8/04/10

Time for a photo update! This lot is from Pai, Northern Thailand. Cheap scooters, warm weather, cool rivers and good times. This was the view from our guest house in Pai in the evening

field studies: music project

0 Comments | posted 3/04/10

I’m in a three-piece band, and we’d like to make it a four-piece. We have guitar, bass and drums, but we desperately need a singer to make us whole and get us through the long winter. If there’s anyone from Adelaide reading this who’s interested, check out the Field Studies MySpace here, and contact us […]

TEXTp on YouTube

0 Comments | posted 1/04/10

There’s a great April Fool’s gag up on YouTube right now. We’ve seen 720p and 1080p, but we’ve never seen TEXTp before. A new revolution in low-bandwidth streaming technology! Check it out here or take a look at the embedded video below.