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SE Asia: Pai

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Time for a photo update! This lot is from Pai, Northern Thailand. Cheap scooters, warm weather, cool rivers and good times.

Rooftops in Pai

This was the view from our guest house in Pai in the evening

Sign at a waterfall near Pai

Another fantastic bit of Engrish at a waterfall near Pai

Natural waterslides

Robin and Alice weighing up their chances of surviving a slide down a waterfall

Natural waterslides at a waterfall in Pai

The locals were enjoying a natural waterslide – it looked a bit painful

Tree in a field near Pai

On the way back to Pai – the evening haze made for some nice views

Aviator reflection near Pai

We pulled over at a guest house and looked out over the valley from their deck

Pai valley

Unfortunately I didn’t get a panoramic series of shots from this location

View from the deck

Trust me, it was nice

Pai night market

Pai night market was on every night, and it was full of delicious food, souvenirs and tourists

Alley next to Charlie's House

This was the alley next to our guest house – nice little shortcut for scooters to the other side of town

Interesting hotel rooms

Hotel rooms near Pai

These hotel rooms were built by hand by an entrepeneur and artist who had started a luxury resort near the town. The rooms were expensive, but they were all individually decorated and absolutely gorgeous. We couldn’t afford to stay there, but we relaxed on the dock as it was built next to the river.

River resort panorama

Panoramic view of the river resort

Thai kids in the river

We ran into some Thai kids

We had a lengthy river weed fight with these guys, and fought them for control of bamboo rafts moored under the bridge. It was a lot of fun! I’m on the right in this photo.

Hilarious dog

This dog was behind the bar at the resort – it was pretty nervous

Evening fires

There was a lot of cooking smoke in the valley in the evenings

Haystack in Pai valley

The landscape reminded me of the South of France

Waterfall near Pai

We visited a second waterfall, but it was a little underwhelming

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon was quite impressive, and a very short hike

Spider log

Near Pai Hot Springs

This log was full of spiders. I’m not kidding, every little white thing you see is a body, and every little black twig is a leg. It was full of spiders. A little unnerving.

No swimming

You weren’t supposed to swim in this bit for obvious reasons

No boil egg

There was a sign saying ‘no boil egg’ but they were actually selling bags of eggs to boil?

Sunset in Pai

Beautiful sunset on the way back to Pai

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