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Submeg Identity

2 Comments | posted 10/11/10

I recently completed an identity and business card project for DJ Submeg, a friend and previous colleague who is starting a party DJ business. It was fun developing a theme for his business, and I look forward to hearing his promo mixes. I’ve included a few images from the project below, including some unused concepts.


DJ Submeg logo

The logo for DJ Submeg

The form of the logo is based on the four pillars of Hip-hop culture: MCing, DJing b-boying and graffiti writing. The form is of a vinyl record synonymous with turntablism separated into four segments to represent each of these pillars, as well as to create a stylised S and M when rotated a few degrees in either direction. The G in Submeg is stylised as an arrow to create further mental associations with turntablism and graffiti writing.

DJ Submeg business card

Business cards developed for DJ Submeg

DJ Submeg t-shirt design

Promotional t-shirt design based on DJ Submeg’s logo

DJ Submeg t-shirt design

Alternate promotional t-shirt design

Unused Concepts

DJ Submeg unused logo concepts

Unused logo concepts and variations

DJ Submeg unused t-shirt design

Unused t-shirt design concept

2 responses to “Submeg Identity”

  1. Dude these are awesome. Biz Cards look chill

  2. Thanks Parky!

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