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Revelstoke: Our Arrival

1 Comment | posted 22/10/10

After three months in Vancouver, we decided that we’d had enough of city living, and it was time to move to the mountains again. A few frantic weeks of running around, arranging future accommodation, packing and giving notice culminated in an early move to a friend’s place for a couple of nights of couch sleeping due to circumstances beyond our control. It made the move a little more stressful than it could have been, but sitting here in a beautiful suite in Revelstoke, it’s safe to say that it was all worth it.

The move was via Greyhound; after $133 in extra baggage (it’s amazing how much you can accumulate in three months) the only bump in the road was a woman with some kind of volatile tourette’s syndrome sitting behind us for two hours of the nine hour journey.

Couple sitting on a riverbank in Revelstoke

Safe arrival in Revelstoke!

The weather here has been a perfect BC autumn. Cool, crisp, low cloud over the mountains in the morning, burning off to create balmy sunny afternoons. We’ve taken advantage of temporary unemployment to skate a lot more, and we’re going to take a trip to a provincial park to see the salmon spawning on the Adams river tomorrow.

Red autumn leaves in Revelstoke

The leaves are beautiful here – autumn is setting in

HDR photo of the bridge on Lake Revelstoke

HDR shot of Lake Revelstoke and the railway bridge

HDR photo of mountains across Lake Revelstoke

HDR shot of the mountains across the lake

HDR panorama of a bay on Lake Revelstoke

HDR panorama of a little bay on the lake – complete with a local fisherman

Panorama of Lake Revelstoke

Panoramic shot of the lake

Panorama of a girl and Lake Revelstoke

Panoramic shot of the lake

I’ll try and get some photos of the salmon run up in the next few days, but hopefully the next photos after that will be with snow on the ground!

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  1. I’m so incredibly jealous! Was wondering why your mailing address had changed…

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