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Melbourne trip & the Yarra Valley photos

2 Comments | posted 18/04/10

Bit of a temporary diversion from the SE Asia photos for the moment. There’ll be more later.

I took a week-long trip to Melbourne two weeks ago to visit my girlfriend, V, over the mid-semester break. I had a really good time catching up with some friends while I was over there, and found out a lot more about the food and drink in Australia’s ‘most liveable city’.

For instance, there’s a fantastic beer store (titled ‘The Beer Store – Australia’s Largest’ – we do have a thing for names in Australia) on Acland Street in St Kilda which sells practically every beer you could ever want or need. I only wish I’d had time to try a few, but apparently they deliver interstate!

There’s also a restaurant called Spicy Fish on Little Bourke Street in Chinatown which sells amazing Szechuan cuisine, if you’re keen on chilis. I had my first encounter with the traditional Szechuan pepper, which numbs your tongue in addition to being spicy. It’s not cheap, but it’s delicious.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, the Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant is a great alternative. It’s on Tattersalls Lane, just off Little Bourke. Get there early – we arrived at 6 and it was busy, left at 8 and the line was stretching down the stairs and along the alley. You can get a plate of 15 dumplings for $5-$7, which is pretty good by my books. We shared 5 plates between 4 along with two bottles of BYO wine, and it cost us $12.50 each.

On the last day I was there, V and I took a trip up to the Yarra Valley, near Healesville (coincidentally where my sister was born) to check out some wineries. It was overcast and a little stormy, but the cold weather and broken light made it really atmospheric and beautiful. I got some photos of the area which are below.

Soft focus chair at a winery

Nice overcast lighting on the chairs on the winery deck

Glasses and pewter bowl

Glasses and a bowl at one of the wineries

Girl looking out over vineyards

V & the vines

Autumnal wall foliage

Vibrant Autumnal wall-climbing foliage

Trees and shrubs

A little view of the hills through some shrubs

Leaf close-up

Nice-lookin’ leaf – not sure what it is

Acorn close-up

Acorn macro

Lichen close-up

Lichen macro

Vibrant Autumn-red leaf

Nice-lookin’ Autumn leaf

Autumn foliage driveway

Red-tinged trees down the winery driveway

Girl & leaf triptych

Nice little triptych of V and her favourite leaf

Panorama of the Yarra Valley

Panorama of the Yarra Valley – not great lighting here unfortunately

2 responses to “Melbourne trip & the Yarra Valley photos”

  1. it looks like what autumn should look like in these pics!

  2. Thanks Mish, it’s funny but even with the weather it was a really nice day to be out. Fresh and chilly!

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