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youtube is helping web developers

0 Comments | posted 19/08/09

I would venture to say that YouTube is probably a website most people who use the internet have found themselves at on more than one occasion. Bearing this in mind, it’s good to see them using their wide audience to help make the jobs of everyone developing for the web easier.

I’m referring of course to the large advertising banner displayed when you visit the site with an older browser, urging you to upgrade your decrepit software to a contemporary version. The browsers it suggests are:

Thanks YouTube!

Thanks YouTube!

The site I’m using to display the image above is IE NetRenderer, a very useful site for developers to check on the backwards compatibility of their websites in older Internet Explorer versions. The text is in German as their servers are located in Germany, hence the site that YouTube presents is its German language version.

Hopefully this initiative contributes towards ridding the web of the last vestiges of IE6, and that it may even speed up the transition from IE7 (which still has a number of quirks) to IE8 (which is almost good enough).

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