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photos from SE Asia (part 2)

2 Comments | posted 27/02/10

Here are thirteen more photos from Chiang Mai Bug Museum and Ko Tao.

Elephant sculptures in Chiang Mai Bug Museum

Rhinoceros beetle in Chiang Mai Bug Museum

Chumphon harbour, gateway to Ko Tao

Sairee beach, Western shore of Ko Tao

Releasing a lantern carrying our hopes and dreams on Sairee beach

Sunset on Sairee 1

Sunset on Sairee 2

Sunset on Sairee 3

Sunset on Sairee 4

V on Sairee beach

Fishing boat from the window of the Songserm Express

Dawn at Chumphon

Departing Chumphon

More photos

2 responses to “photos from SE Asia (part 2)”

  1. These shots are super amazing. I’m all about this photo “Ta Prohm panorama”.

  2. Cheers Shelby! I should hopefully have some more up in a few days if I find the time. :)

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