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SE Asia: Nakhon Sawan

2 Comments | posted 27/03/10

Hooray! I’ve managed to stick to my promise of getting photos up in better time. Hope you enjoy browsing these ones. I’m finding it more and more difficult to select specific photos, so I’m sticking to one destination per post at the moment.

These photos are from Nakhon Sawan, a city three hours North of Bangkok. We spent about five days here and attended a friend’s traditional Thai wedding, which was an experience in itself. We also caught our first Song Tau (pickup truck with a covered tray and open back – acts as a large taxi) here.

Telephone wires

This is what a lot of cabling looked like in SE Asia

Moon and loudspeaker

An orange moon from Nakhon Sawan train station as we waited for our train to Chiang Mai

Train tracks

Nakhon Sawan station and train tracks

Crocodile sculpture

I couldn’t resist – this was at a crocodile farm near Nakhon Sawan

Small fluffy dog

Not sure if this guy was a pet or bait for the crocs


They were very well-fed and inactive

Mimic bird

This guy made some very interesting noises – mostly construction sounds

Buddhist temple and telegraph towers

Old and new towers

Huge Buddha sculpture

This gigantic Buddha was on a temple on a hill in the middle of Nakhon Sawan – V for scale

Gigantic Buddha

A different angle

Buddha with a sash

This sculpture was inside the main temple complex

Hitting a gong

This is my brother, Robin

Gold leaf

People were pasting gold leaf onto the Buddha sculptures – this piece was blown away by the wind

Entrance to a Buddhist temple

The main entrance to the Buddhist temple

Engrish shirt

One of the best pieces of Engrish I saw in SE Asia

Night market food

We ate at the night market in Nakhon Sawan one evening – it was fresh and delicious

Night market cooking

The food vendors were doing a roaring trade


A view of the riverfront next to the night market in Nakhon Sawan

Check back for more soon. The next lot should be from Pai in Northern Thailand.

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2 responses to “SE Asia: Nakhon Sawan”

  1. I live in Nakhon Sawan,so I hope you had a wonderful time in Nakhon Sawan.

  2. I certainly did Ranya, you have a wonderful city!

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