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SE Asia: Sukhothai

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Just a short photo post this time. I’ve sorted through the photos I took of Sukhothai, which we visited in early January prior to our friends’ wedding as part of a tour of the area around Nakhon Sawan. Apparently Sukhothai was once Thailand’s capital. The drive there was long, and delayed for two hours at one point by our well-meaning tour guide who assumed we’d want to visit a simply adorable fabric museum and workshop which his relatives only had a teeny-tiny business interest in.

We arrived safely (after praying for our lives most of the way; minibus drivers don’t mess around in Thailand) and spent a couple of hours riding bikes around the temples and taking in the sights. It wasn’t a great day for photos unfortunately, but I tried to make the best of what we had.

Temples in Sukhothai

One of the larger central temples in Sukhothai

Temples in Sukhothai

A different angle on the central temples

Pillars and Buddha

It looked like porous volcanic rock made up much of the construction material

Pigeons on a pillar

There were plenty of pigeons enjoying the ruins

Tree next to a moat

The ruins were broken up by moats and other water features bordered by trees

Temples in Sukhothai

Low angle on the temples

Buddha statue and pillars

This statue was easily 20 feet tall – there were plenty larger

Relief carving

There were plenty of beautiful relief carvings that have survived

Pile of pebbles

We saw these in a number of locations across SE Asia – little piles of rocks which I assume are tourists’ cairns


Look at these tourists! From left: Sam, Mitch, Kung, V, Alice and Robin

Temples and a moat

Nice view of a stupa across one of the moats

I’m planning to get photos from Vang Vieng up within a couple of days, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little set in the meantime.

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