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Process: Elifer Santos Identity

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I recently completed a logo and business card package and will soon be concluding work on a portfolio website for Elifer Santos, a Vancouver-based filmmaker. Eli is both a friend and a client, and I’m glad I could help him build a secure business identity.

I’ve uploaded a selection of images from the design process of Eli’s logo, including a few sketches, idea generation and a couple of drafts. I’ve also included a preview of Elifer’s website that will be online soon. Thanks to both Shelby White and David Airey for inspiring this post.


Elifer Santos identity mind map

A simple mind map to start exploring logo options

Elifer Santos identity logo sketches

A few of the sketches that influenced the final logo


Elifer Santos logo drafts

Some drafts of the final logo after the direction had been finalised

I was playing with the idea of a ‘signature’ style logo with a much looser appearance – a couple of the explorations I did of this are shown above.
Elifer Santos logo development

Strong influence from the Georgia typeface – still a little adjustment to do on the logo


Elifer Santos final logo

The final logo after minor adjustments

Elifer Santos final logo with name

The logo attached to Eli’s name

Elifer Santos final logo with name on dark background

The logo on a dark background

The tail of the S runs into the middle curve on the logo when it is placed on dark backgrounds, so I also supplied Eli with a slightly adjusted version for this purpose to maintain the integrity of the mark.

Business Card

Elifer Santos business card

A business card to complete the package


Elifer Santos website preview

Website coming soon!

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  1. […] I wasn’t expecting to have a website this soon but opportunities and the possibilities of meeting clients, inspires me to go live. The plan was to go live by January 2011 after all of my projects settle down so at least I could organize my video portfolios. Hence the fact that I still don’t have my showreel posted on the site. But in times like these, you gotta be quick at organizing and making sure that you are producing the right and proper materials to attract clients.  The website wasn’t possible without the help of my friend, Ian Houghton, a graphic designer from Adelaide, Australia, whom I met through a good friend of mine, Veronique Maillard. Ian was also the artist behind the logo. […]

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