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Vans, B.C. – From The Ground Up

1 Comment | posted 25/08/11

I participated in an art show in Revelstoke recently called “From the Ground Up”, conceived by Joey Norsworthy from OurHabit and held at Society Snow & Skate on Mackenzie Avenue. It was a great experience and very encouraging of the growing youth art scene in Revelstoke.

I worked on a Vans shoe for the show; materials used were polyfilla, acrylic paint, wire, pebbles, sponge scourers, rope ends and acrylic varnish. You can see the photos of my piece below and check out more photos of “From the Ground Up” on Facebook.


Vans, B.C. shoe for From The Ground Up, an art show in Revelstoke

Style Vs. Substance – The Bright Young

1 Comment | posted 25/06/11

I wrote an article on the present and near future of design on the internet for The Bright Young, a new online journal dedicated to the exploration of modern web culture.

It’s edited by Connor Tomas O’Brien, whose articles on modern technology, culture and the written word I greatly admire. It’s also coming straight out of my home city of Adelaide, South Australia and is representative of the more vibrant creative culture emerging there.

I hope you enjoy the article, and I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have. It’s my first stab at something of this nature, so I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement and refinement.

Relief Teacher Business Card

0 Comments | posted 21/04/11

I put together a quick project for a friend who was looking for a business card. He’s a temporary relief teacher in Adelaide, South Australia. An eye-catching, single-sided business card was required to assist him in standing out from competitors.

Business Card

Temporary relief teacher business card

Jane Sullivan: Website

2 Comments | posted 3/04/11

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the website for Jane Sullivan, an Australian author based in Melbourne. Jane is a journalist for the Melbourne newspapers The Age and the Herald Sun. She also writes fiction and has produced two novels, as well as a short story.

Her latest novel, titled Little People has just been released, and the launch date of the website was arranged to coincide with this. Little People is a semi-fictional account of General Tom Thumb’s visit to Australia in 1870.

Jane is a delightful client, and I look forward to working with her in the future. You can view the entry for the website in my portfolio.

Website of Jane Sullivan, an Australian author

Big Red Cats T-shirt

1 Comment | posted 2/04/11

I was commissioned by Big Red Cats to produce a t-shirt design for the 2010/11 season as official merchandise for their business. After a few rounds of drafting, we hit on a design that they were very happy with. I used the tenure of the operation along with contour lines and an adventurous sonar sweep to produce a shirt that is hopefully not just a novelty, but a true souvenir.

You can view the full illustration in my portfolio.

Big Red Cats t-shirt design