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Web development, graphic design, and photography by Ian Houghton, based in Revelstoke, BC.

threadless submission

0 Comments | posted 1/10/09

I’ve submitted the illustration to Threadless in an attempt to get it printed. If you’d like a copy of the shirt, or just want to help me out, take a look. I’ll be posting another entry when scoring opens. Cheers! Score this design: “Mecha Samurai Robo Bear,” to help it get printed on Threadless!


0 Comments | posted 14/08/09

I’m currently working on a small-scale project for a client which is based on increasing their visibility through social media and syndication. In short, I’m linking their RSS feeds with Twitter, and providing an increased number of ways to access their existing content. A side-effect of this is the possibility of monetising their currently naked […]

on paranoia (& vector logos)

1 Comment | posted 5/08/09

paranoia Avarine posted a couple of websites on Twitter tonight that not only slightly disturbed me, but got me thinking about why they slightly disturbed me, and realising that I didn’t have a solid foundation for being disturbed. The sites in question are Spock and PeekYou, and they’re both social networking sites of a kind. […]